A fully integrated effort celebrating the depth and diversity of Bristol Bay,
its people, and the world of the Bristol Bay Native Corporation. 
Bristol Bay Native Corporation is a community, driven by shared values who work together to invest in the region. This concept explores the values and ideals that define BBNC beyond "corporation"—courage, community, creativity, commitment, and culture.  This was a sea change for an organization who had been using the same tagline and storytelling device for years. This concept and execution was so well received that Portugal. the man, Alaska’s most successful pop export, allowed use of their song for the tv and radio spots.
This fully-integrated campaign shares the BBNC story across a broad range of channels and platforms—broadcast, radio, streaming video and audio, social, display, events, direct mail, user generated content, out of home, and merchandise. 
The campaign is designed to amplify community voices, BBNC’s community will share, in their own voices, what courage, creativity, culture, and other BBNC values mean to them personally.

Developing campaign creative during a global pandemic was a challenge, but we managed to produce all assets while following the strictest safety guidelines. Through remote recording, use of existing assets and immense collaboration a campaign was developed with the safety of BBNC’s employees and communities as priority. 
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