Vanity Fair Lingerie is the every occasion bra for the everywoman.  
So, naturally it's easy to get lost in the everyday.
We carved out a brand position for "Women Who Do", supporting women that guide, inspire and
persevere everyday. With a revamped messaging strategy, new imagery and a partnership with
Dress for Success we found new life for Vanity Fair, (and yes, sales rose).
We kicked off with a Lift Tour, a celebration of support on wheels.
For every bra fitted another was donated to Dress for Success to support a woman in need.
And, women were given the chance to write a personal note to the recipient and attache it to the bra. 
Our most recent product promotion reminded women that they didn't have to live with bad bras
through broadcast and behind the scenes content that injected a little humor into a
category that takes itself way too seriously. 
Three years of social content that redefined a brand one post at a time. 
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